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About SIFG

Swiss International Finance Group AG (SIFG) is a Swiss financial services firm located in the heart of Europe's top financial centre. As a regulated financial services firm, SIFG operates under strict compliance with the rules and regulations of the industry when dealing with its customers and investors.

SIFG provides its clients with a comprehensive, turn-key solution for pre-IPO and IPO capital raises, including the capital markets listing process. When we take on a client, we become their long-term partners, aligning ourselves with their interests. Companies that partner with us gain immediate credibility and stature within the international investment community.

Our Team has decades of corporate finance and capital markets' experience which we focus toward the success of our customers in raising capital.  Over the years, our reputation has allowed us to develop active standing relationships with hundreds of institutional investment firms around the globe (approx. 800 to date).

For stock market IPOs, we specialise in the London Stock Exchange Main Market and AIM Markets, the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and more.  Our securities lawyers ensure the entire pre-IPO funding and/or IPO structuring and process is done with attention to legal and structural detail. 


Our goal is to form a mutually beneficial partnership where our interests are aligned with those of our valued clients. In SIFG's formula, it is crucial that our success hinges on your success. In this way, we all succeed together. 


With SIFG and our partners, you immediately gain highly experienced long-term partners. We are by your side before, during and after your pre-IPO capital raise and/or stock exchange listing and IPO.


SIFG and its team are corporate finance experts, experienced securities lawyers and capital markets experts. We are very capable of helping quality companies achieve success in both the pre-IPO funding stage as well as in the IPO stage. All of our offering documents and stock exchange listings are prepared by our securities law firm to insure your capital raise and/or public offering will be structured correctly, from the onset, including but not limited to matters of crucial tax structuring and other important considerations which are often overlooked. All in all, our group has decades of hands on international corporate finance and investment banking experience and has aligned itself with the best and brightest in the IPO business including fund managers, underwriters, private equity and venture capital firms, family offices, banks and broker-dealers throughout Europe, giving you all the expertise and relationships you will need for success before, during and after your IPO.


The vast experience we make a winning combination with smart management teams to create the perfect formula for success.


SIFG is a registered SRO-Member of VQF (Financial Services Standards Association), an officially recognized self-regulatory organization (SRO) according to the Anti-Money-Laudering Act (AMLA).  VQF, as an SRO, is officially recognized by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA). Regulatory issues regarding SIFG should be addressed to VQF.


SIFG is a member of one of the oldest and largest private Swiss investment clubs (90 year history and more than 1,200 members), with membership from the top Swiss institutional investment houses, fund managers, family offices, pension funds, brokerage firms and ultra wealthy individuals.


SIFG is proud to hold itself to the standards of Swiss Banking Law where confidentiality is concerned. Pursuant to the Swiss banking secrecy provisions (article 47 of the Swiss Banking Law), SIFG and its employees and agents are strictly prohibited from disclosing customer related information to third parties.

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